The driving force of an organization, providing the context for all its activities.

As organizations evolve, they re-examine questions of purpose: What do we want to achieve? Are our strategies effectively taking us there? Where are the opportunities for growth? How well are our purpose, processes, leadership and staff aligned?

Whether for the entire organization or a specific initiative, LAI works with leaders to:

  • Conceptualize, articulate and test their strategies;
  • Create a consensus for action; and
  • Craft and guide the strategy implementation.

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Strategic Planning

  • Designed and guided the strategic planning process involving the board, senior leadership and other key constituents to develop a five-year plan for a national educational nonprofit.
  • Result: Board endorsement of the strategic plan, which currently guides the organization.

Leadership Summits

  • Designed and facilitated a leadership meeting of board members, national staff and affiliate leaders to strengthen decision-making and coordination of service delivery.
  • Result: Clarified the roles and decision-making process, streamlining the delivery of member services.


  • Designed and facilitated a two-day meeting for headquarters and the field leadership team to introduce changes, gather feedback and set implementation strategies and targets.
  • Result: Created energy for change initiative and clarified expectations and accountabilities of rollout.

The means by which an organization achieves its purpose.

LAI brings proven tools and techniques to strengthen your organizational capacity to realize your desired results. With expertise in organizational dynamics, managerial psychology, process improvement, and business analysis, we help you clarify roles, guide change initiatives, systematize processes, manage projects, and implement change. Our data-mining and analytics capabilities help reveal opportunities through compelling performance metrics. And for our nonprofit clients, we help you develop grants to secure funding.

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Change Management / Continuous Improvement

  • Designed and guided a process that centralized and/or automated functions and refocused field staff on their most value-add activities.
  • Result: Significant performance improvement on all program metrics to become the top performing organization among its peers.

Organizational Design and Implementation

  • Analyzed organizational responsibilities and reporting relationships, recommended redesign and guided implementation to better support the mission and operations.
  • Result: A 21% increase in staff productivity.

Project Management

  • Managed a large RFP and vendor selection process to better define services and reduce operational costs.
  • Result: New vendor selected with multi-million dollar savings.

Role Clarification

  • Worked with a leadership team to clarify their roles and responsibilities to strengthen the delivery of services to clients.
  • Result: Improved decision making, accountabilities and coordination of services.

Grant Development

  • Played an instrumental role in the grant formulation from the initial design and data analysis through the preparation and submission.
  • Result: $1,000,000 award from a national foundation.

Those who bring an organization’s purpose to life.

Developing and motivating the leaders and teams who deliver your organization’s mission demands your ongoing attention. Your people are key to sustaining superior results.

LAI works with leaders to answer such questions as: How well is the leadership team aligned on organizational strategies, operating models, roles and accountabilities? How prepared are your up-and-coming leaders? Are the board and senior management in synch on the strategic direction and priorities? How well does the organization attract, integrate and retain key staff?

We provide organizational leaders advice and support, coach key staff, develop leaders and teams and help you select individuals to join your organization.

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Leadership / Team Development

  • Designed and facilitated a series of meetings for a leadership team to clarify organizational priorities and metrics.
  • Result: Increased team focus and improved accountability.

Executive Coaching

  • Provided coaching to enhance leadership repertoire and managerial effectiveness, especially in energizing staff.
  • Result: Higher ratings from subordinates, peers and supervisor and subsequent promotion.

Executive Succession

  • Designed and facilitated an executive-succession process from specifying requirements to identifying potential successors and leadership development strategies.
  • Result: Implemented processes and strategies resulting in greater executive depth and movement of executives into planned assignments.