People – Those who bring an organization’s purpose to life.

People – Those who bring an organization’s purpose to life

Developing and motivating the leaders and teams who deliver your organization’s mission demands your ongoing attention. Your people are key to sustaining superior results.

LAI works with leaders to answer such questions as: How well is the leadership team aligned on organizational strategies, operating model, roles and accountabilities? How prepared are your up-and-coming leaders? Are the board and senior management in synch on the strategic direction and priorities? How well does the organization attract, integrate and retain key staff?

We provide organizational leaders advice and support, coach key staff, develop leaders and teams and help you select individuals to join your organization.

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Executive Coaching

  • Provided coaching to enhance leadership repertoire and managerial effectiveness, especially in energizing staff.
  • Result: Higher ratings from subordinates, peers and supervisor and subsequent promotion.

Leadership / Team Development

  • Designed and facilitated a series of meetings for a leadership team to clarify organizational priorities and metrics.
  • Result: Increased team focus and improved accountability.

Executive Succession

  • Designed and facilitated an executive succession process from specifying requirements to identifying potential successors and leadership development strategies.
  • Result: Implemented processes and strategies resulting in greater executive depth and movement of executives into planned assignments.