Team Member: Steve Stulck

Steve Stulck, Ed. D. has more than 30 years experience working with leaders who are deeply committed to generating personal and organizational breakthroughs. He has designed and implemented change initiatives as an executive at such major corporations as Rohm & Hass and Polaroid, and as a consultant to such organizations as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Boston Scientific, and Partners Health Care. His breadth of experience allows him to actively engage with executives and managers over a wide range of business challenges with a focus on creating strategies that achieve results. In conjunction with his LAI association, Dr. Stulck is founder and president of Northern Light Consulting (

Dr. Stulck helps leaders craft their plan for change and supports them as they engage in the actions that create breakthrough performance. He offers perceptive feedback, a clear structure for self-reflection, and the opportunity to create experiments that test each leader’s own theories of effective leadership. He is recognized for facilitating complex conversations within work teams that lead to coordinated action.

Dr. Stulck provides particular focus in his work with leaders to:

  • Develop a compelling vision of the future that inspires and mobilizes action,
  • Generate performance levels consistent with ambitious assignments and responsibilities,
  • Develop executives and their work groups into high-performing units capable of working with speed and coherence,
  • Implement strategies that call for widespread mobilization of people across the organization,
  • Create common frameworks for action through high-impact training programs, and
  • Redesign business processes to increase speed, simplicity and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Stulck completed his doctorate at Harvard University with a focus on organizational behavior and adult learning. He also holds an MA from the Ohio State University and a BA from the University of California. He speaks Spanish fluently and has extensive experience working in cross-cultural settings in Asia, Africa and South America. Dr. Stulck has also served on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations.