Who We Are

Since our founding in 1993, LAI has helped clients improve their performance, achieve greater operational efficiencies, enhance their decision making, increase revenues, and strengthen stakeholder satisfaction. Our clients range from local and national nonprofits to Fortune 500 corporations.

Our clients choose LAI because they know they will receive personalized service, managerial expertise, and organizational acumen. They select LAI to build their capacity to deliver sustained results.

Whether to guide a strategic initiative, strengthen the effectiveness of teams, improve business processes, provide executive counsel, or develop performance indicators, our consultants bring expertise, experience, and commitment. We help you ask the right questions and develop the path forward.

We build lasting relationships with our clients. Based on a deep understanding of your issues and operating environment, we work with you to develop strategies and solutions for building your capacity and achieving meaningful and measurable results. Using our Partnership-for-Results approach, we:

  • Build a partnership – define a shared perspective by learning about your organization and listening to your issues.
  • Frame the issues – perform the analysis, discover the underlying cause(s), and discern the value-add interventions.
  • Develop the case for action – prepare the plan and build a consensus for action.
  • Guide the implementation – ensure the plan becomes action and action leads to results.
  • Assess the results – evaluate and communicate the outcomes.
  • Sustain growth – build on the successes that facilitate and demonstrate continued growth.

Our clients have chosen us because we:

  • Focus on the alignment of purpose, process and people as this interaction is most responsible for an organization’s sustained performance.
  • Enable clients to measure the success of the implemented changes.
  • Build relationships of trust that instill confidence in our advice and a commitment to our recommendations.
  • Ensure that clients are left with the internal capacities to sustain success.